Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fruit of the Gods

Every year persimmons show up in my paintings. This one on the bench is waiting for a coat of varnish to take the glare off the surface and even things out. Other than that it's almost done. Usually I compose with the light source coming in from the left but not this time. This painting is a commission intended to hang in a spot with an ambient light source from the right. Both the real and imagined light are consistent. So until this piece is hanging on that chosen wall this persimmon painting remains unfinished.


  1. I like very much the paintings of the first photo. Vos fruits prennent possession de la toile et c'est comme si un être humain s'était transformé en fruit... Je ressens ça.

  2. How comical. I feel like your canvas was cut in half! lol Great illusion. Well done.

  3. I also see you've come "out of the box"...