Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Recent Sketches

In my bag I carry a sketchbook, 4 X 5 cards and loose leaf arches and rives printmaker's paper. I keep watercolors available but have not used them as much as I used to. I mostly use a Uniball micro pen or Sakura Microns for my drawing. Recently I rediscovered an old Senator fountain pen which has a nice feel. The feel is what it's all about. Whatever feels good in my hand will give me the best opportunity to express myself fully in the moment.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Date Change for Studio Show: A Year in Sketches

On Saturday March 12th from 10am-5pm I'll be opening my studio as I do every Saturday. However on this date I'll be displaying a whole big bunch of sketches on my studio wall.
This group of ink scribblings is a sample from my ongoing morning sketch ritual. I invite you to see these magnificent doodles from 2010!
I like to sketch because it grounds me in the moment. It's a disciplined observation. It's a meditation. It's a visual journal. It's a time for the mind to go quiet. Sketching provides an inner oasis as I begin each creative day.
From 10am-11am i'll be holding an informal super-mini-sketching-semi-workshop/doodle session for anyone interested in becoming a sketcher. RSVP por favor for this session!
And then drop in and have a look around, eat a couple mallomars and let's make a sketch...!