Tuesday, April 15, 2014

...new journal.

My loyal journal of choice is a fine book made in Japan. I always look forward to making the trek to Japantown for my perfect bound blank book. It waits for me stacked with its brethren there at Kinokuniya Stationery and Gift Shop. Actually the shop itself is worthy of a visit even if for no reason whatsoever. This place is as unique as the selection of journals, sketchbooks and pens it carries.  The shelves display an eclectic array of cool and kooky items that are quintessential Japanese. I explore some but I'm only interested in the notebook. It's been my choice since the '90s. Since I take my journal everywhere it's vital that the volume takes a good roughing up and doesn't fall apart. This book is extremely durable.The cover usually gets a sketch or a paint job and this time I've chosen to sketch the front with a symbol to indicate what lies within. Some things do not change after all.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

...easel to easel glimpse.

So here's the creative action in the southwest corner of my studio. These two paintings and a charcoal study for another sit in temporary stasis. Very temporary. The drawing is for a commission in progress over on another easel. And while the west wall features a still life quartet coming alive, on the north floor two big pieces wait their turn to be mounted on panels, retouched and framed. On the drawing board are more rock studies. One rock painting is getting attention too. Yesterday was foggy. Today there was sun. I begin a new journal tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

...easel to easel.

Working on one creation at a time only happens in the moment. Except for quick sketches, figure drawing sessions and the rare plein air painting, I've always bounced from easel to easel to drawing-board to sketchbook and back again. All projects are happening simultaneously. It's a dance that keeps the ideas vibrating. Orbiting. Flowing. Fresh. The possibilty of new perspectives. Seeing the overlooked. The time away from each artwork is vital. But so is maintaining an intimate relationship with each piece. Balance. Individuation. It's the way I've evolved in my studio. It's how I think. And pivotal in my orbiting is the sketchbook. A delicious meander into streams of consciousness. Starting with a cup of tea.