Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How art can impact a space.

This is an excellent example of how artwork has the power to impact an interior space. Two of my paintings here provide bold additions to a modern kitchen. So is it then bold modern? A new movement? Regardless, I'm pleased to see my art on the cover of Design New England!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

donuts downtown!

Several of my donut paintings are now enjoying wall space at CK Contemporary Gallery in downtown San Francisco. I've been painting donuts for years partly because there is a fine donut shop, one block from my art studio, at the corner of 10th avenue and Clement Street. I'm not the only one who feels they make the best classic donuts in the city, and the staff is always cheerful. Convenience of a subject notwithstanding, donuts are iconic. They represent a nostalgic whimsy. As a boy donuts were my reward at the last stop on my SF Chronicle paper route, a donut shop. Back then a hot cinnamon roll was my donut of choice. For me it was the king of donuts. Nothing created more incentive to complete a cold morning of tossing newspapers than the promise of a fresh cinnamon roll. Everyone that comes to me for a donut painting seems to have experiences to match. It's fond memories like those that linger and make me smile while painting this timeless American icon.