Thursday, September 27, 2012

jimador project

The current project on my wall is inspired by the sense of having integrity for solitary work well done.
We are who we are when no one else is around. Our actions are the signature on the painting that is our day or life. The byline is as real as a writer's. It's as true in the field as it is in the studio.
These charcoal and color studies are the final result of many compositions considered.
Distillation has led to one image and one worker in a field of blue agave trimming the piƱa with his razor-sharp tool the coa.
I hope to convey the importance of doing one thing well, the ripple effect of that act and especially in solitude.
The painting in progress is 5'x 6' and will be installed in Copita Restaurant in Sausalito in late October.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

...doing lines.

Walking into the stream of consciousness accompanied by pen and sketchbook.