Wednesday, March 26, 2014 corners.

Looking at the overlooked is not exclusive to the world outside the realm of art galleries and art studios. Sure it's in those sanctuaries of creative display and output that artists share their observations, responses and expressions. Visions pulled from within are put on paper. Vistas seen from without are scrubbed on canvas. Symbols and icons built from anything and everything are suddenly there to share. Actually not so suddenly. These big ideas hang on the the main walls demanding and getting most of the attention. Yet in these colorful spaces there are also hiding places. There are niches, drawers and back rooms. The cloakrooms of temporarily overlooked art. There waiting in hiding spots, for that adventurous and discerning seeker of the unexpected, are treasures. Drawings, sketches, paint studies, doodles on paper cups, and experimental art of all kinds. Virtuous in their ability to catch an eye despite being out of the limelight for the moment. A painting reclines against the wall by a door near the flatfile and beams bright in the dim light. A discovery! A carved figurine sitting on a busy shelf appears from the clutter as the paragon of elegant beauty. Uplifting! A charcoal rendering peaks out of a drawer and speaks with explosive power. Unforgettable! 
For the intrepid art lover or collector there's much to be found in not so obvious places. It's just a matter of looking. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

...coastal rocks continued.

Coastal rocks are the foundation of many of my sketches this year. Below are four. On my road trip to Los Angeles (for a college reunion) I found many places to linger and observe. The shoreline around Santa Barbara is where I found some familiar captivating scenes. These quick drawings act as reminders of what I felt at the time. Such as the feeling of peace while in the presence of such strength and majesty.  I'm editing out most everything, except what I find most compelling. The rocks, sea, clouds and bands of hillsides. Nothing man made, except, I am tempted to include the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train that sprints through parallel and close to the beach. It makes an undeniable impact. Like a rogue wave it comes fast then it's gone. So perhaps I'd better go back to Santa Barbara for another look.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 is everywhere.

Art is everywhere. Whatever appears or seems to be an obstacle is in reality fuel for creativity. It's a gift. A sign. Guide. They will always come and the only difference is how we perceive them. I say obstacle but really I mean opportunity. For growth. Self awareness. Self actualization. Creativity. It's all the same thing right?