Monday, April 18, 2011

Donut and Plum.

Two paintings from a continuing series of square compositions that I've been creating over the years at my art studio. Even completely different subjects can play well together.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Art on Walls.

This awesome painting hangs boldly on the wall at the top of the entry-way stairs. It's one from an ongoing series of sea urchins by local artist Charlie Callahan. The artwork becomes a vibrant abstraction of color up close and tightens up to become a vivid icon from the sea as you view it from a distance. It's such a cool painting as are all his urchin mandalas. A mural of the same subject can be seen on the exterior of the Outerlands restaurant in the Sunset District. Very cool stuff!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What art is hanging on your walls at home?

This is a question I sometimes like to ask people when we get to talking about art. The answers give me a little bit of insight into what people are into. There's always a story. So here's one of my answers to my own question. This colorful art piece hangs on one wall in my living room. It's a serigraph from the 1950s and I'm only semi-embarrassed not to know the name of the creator. I tried to authenticate it in the past but had no success. This kooky composition never fails to please me. It's easily my favorite image on my home walls but not the only one. Maybe it's nostalgia that grips me since it made it's way from Sioux City to San Francisco and was forever on the same wall in the house where I was raised. That's one. I'll post others later.