Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are you busy?

As I left home today I stopped to stare at the ocean before climbing into my pickup. Then I noticed them.  Dozens of calla lilies right in front of me waiting for me to pay attention. They seemed to have arrived overnight. How'd that happen? The truth is I've been too busy to look at the overlooked. The irony is that if I had more work I wouldn't be so busy. That's what I tell people when asked that popular refrain, "are you busy?" Somewhere along the road I heard a story about Monet. He was painting in his garden and his neighbor asked if he was working. He said "No, I'm relaxing." The next day the neighbor saw him sitting in his garden staring. He asked Monet if he was taking a break. Monet said, "No, I'm working." The result is that I took a cue from Monet this morning and spent some time working among the calla lilies and my day was much better because I did.


  1. Nature always does that for me too...

    Beautiful lily. What a wonderful surprise to find!

  2. Oh, so very true, so very true!