Friday, April 2, 2010

The Ocean Beach Wall

The wall at Ocean Beach here in San Francisco stretches out from the base of the Cliff House incline, all the way south to Lincoln Way at the west end of Golden Gate Park. It was built in 1916 as an esplanade with a lavish walking area. Since then the parking lot has eclipsed most of the original concept. But that hasn't effected its popularity as a destination. Run, bike, walk along the length of it. Wax your surfboard there. Watch the waves and break bread with a friend while sitting on top. I'm slowly including more elements from my life into my artwork. That's why I've introduced the wall as an element in some of my still life paintings (and also because it's there). 


  1. I like the work you paint with the break bread. In this painting i can feel the life.
    The colors are warm like the bread when i go out the oven...
    Your painting smells good.