Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Art Studio

I've been out of my art studio for around five months. The storefront I've been using as my workshop became ground zero for a long overdue construction project that was supposed to take a month. But old buildings are unpredictable and this one goes back to the 1890s. 
Once upon a time it was a brakeman's station for the trolleys that rolled down California Street. Now it is born again as an art studio.
The time away was awkward at first since it's been my habit to go there to make art. What I discovered is that the art studio is anywhere and everywhere. It's in the back of the truck and basement. It's in the attic and the dining room. It's in the backpack and anywhere outdoors. The art studio is wherever there is enthusiasm to create.
With that in mind, I intend to re-enter my old space with new vision, embrace uncertainty and see each day as another day in paradox.


  1. 以簡單的行為愉悅他人的心靈,勝過千人低頭禱告。........................................

  2. How nice to have your own art studio! I work from home and if there are chores in need to be done I get distracted.

  3. I understand. I'm the opposite. If I'm at home I never stop working. So, it's nice to have a literal divide. By the way, I think the your art is beautiful!