Thursday, October 8, 2009

Open Studio (but not at my studio!) Saturday 10/17 from 10 to 5

Since I don't have access to my studio this month I'm at home working with the idea that self-limitation is loaded with possibility and less is more. By less I suppose I mean that I've gone back to basics by drawing with charcoal and conte on butcher paper. The feel of taking a little black stick and  making marks on paper until a shape emerges or a design comes alive is so completely satisfying that it's all I've been doing lately. The decisions are pure. The action is natural and primal. It's involves the entire body, not just the hand and eye. And, for me, time is elastic and has no meaning when I'm lost in the reveries of drawing. I rarely walk away from an unfinished drawing unless it serves the drawing by doing just that.  And that may be the hardest thing of all to understand: knowing when to walk away.

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