Monday, October 5, 2009

OPEN STUDIO (but not at my studio!) Saturday 10/17 from 10 to 5

My studio building is under severe retrofit and face-lift and there's half a dozen mumbling Czechs crawling all over my space making a mess with hammers and saws while replacing windows and other stuff while their grumpy dog leaves hair on my couch. There's scaffolds and a black shroud all over the structure. So I find myself working from home and invite you to be my guest there on October 17th for a one day Open Studio at our bright green dwelling by the beach. Sutro Park is across the street as is a path to the beach and Lands End is two blocks north. So why not come and make a day of it! 
There will be donut art. There will also be landscape and interior drawings. Like the rough sketches that precede them,  my charcoal drawings provide a crucial compositional and value step toward knowing my subject which happens to be this lush and historic northwest corner of San Francisco known as the Sutro District and Lands End.  Please come see what I've been working on. This is truly a place of beauty!

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