Thursday, March 24, 2011

Belizian Bananas

I scrawled a dozen sketches of this bunch of bananas hanging from a pole in a bar on Maya Beach in Belize. They are the snack food of choice and I had to scribble this image before each banana was grabbed to be eaten or plunged into a rum drink. This painting is the result and reminds me that great things come from hanging out in bars.
Perhaps, that forbidden treat that Eve plucked may not have been an apple after all...


  1. Tout un régime mais pas pour mon régime!!! Sourire...
    Superbe! Beau travail.

  2. Not an apple? Hum. Do you think she would have been more infatuated with this shape?

    I loved Belize. Went there twice. I liked the fruit stands that cut every fruit into stick shape to fit inside little plastic bags and could be eaten without any utensils and the bag caught all the juice! Ingenious!

    Awesome painting, btw.