Thursday, May 6, 2010

Caribbean Red

The closest I can get to the Caribbean lately is to begin a painting inspired by the tropics. When on the island it's best to buy papaya from the guy who shows up sometimes with a truck full of edibles. Nothing is better sliced and stored in the fridge for snacking than the fruit of angels. Papaya. I found this beauty at a local market. Maybe it's from there. Maybe it's a variety of papaya that can be grown anywhere. Maybe it's named after a pirate. The sticker reads Caribbean Red. It tasted anything but rough and salty. The slice I savored was ideal. No maybes. My intention was to eat it all, not paint a papaya, but that's how it is sometimes. The papaya insisted and so it begins.


  1. You're papaya is up on tip toes like a ballerina! Or maybe...

    I've been staring at it for 10 minutes trying to figure out why. The colors, the composition, something is really grabbing me! Well done.

    Thanks for stopping by. I couldn't do without the ocean either...

  2. It's hard to capture the brilliant colors of the papaya and to deliver a sense of the fruit's mystic both in look and in taste. You've done both.

  3. same here! I am so obssesed with bubble tea and all these tropical fruits that I use them as my art subjects :)