Friday, January 1, 2010

The Archer's Paradox

Drawing is something I do to get centered when I feel disconnected from myself. It's not the only arrow in my quiver but it's one I rely on daily. Now, with a new year beginning, it's easy to get caught in an undertow of expectations. Drawing helps me to pay attention to the little things, the insignificant yet significant details of my life. It's a grounding exercise. The only objective in my daily sketch is to daily sketch. What I draw is not as important as making sure I draw. With it I'm less likely to stray from my purpose. And if straying from my purpose is necessary, then I can take that walk with a clearer mind and still find my way. Perhaps drawing is somewhat like the arrow in the archer's paradox, it must be aimed off target in order to hit the center. I may or may not be hitting center but I am aiming off target.  Is it really better to aim high and miss than it is to aim low and hit?  

1 comment:

  1. Daily drawing. How wonderful. I like how you describe what it does for you.

    How much coffee do you drink in one day?

    There are so many sketches of it. Or is your drawing time found at coffee time? Hope you don't mind, but I'm reading you with my tea...